What is a CPB?

 In Tuesday’s Tips

You’ve probably heard of a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), but what is a CPB?  Some kind of junior CPA?  Sort of…

CPB stands for Certified Public Bookkeeper.  While there is not a state license like a CPA, CPB’s are certified through a professional association called NACPB (National Association of Public Bookkeepers).

In order to obtain a CPB license, one must pass several tests in various areas of accounting, payroll, and taxes.  Every year, we must keep up our knowledge by completing 24 hours of CPE coursework.  We must also abide by a professional code of ethics.

So, it is similar to a CPA license in many respects.  It’s also smart to have both on your team – the CPB deals with the nuts & bolts of daily accounting, and the CPA deals with your taxes, based on the accurate financial statements prepared by your CPB.

Our lead Nerd, Jessica, is proud to hold a CPB license.  It’s just another way to demonstrate our commitment to providing the best service to our clients.