How to Work with an Independent Bookkeeper

 In Tuesday’s Tips

New to the world of outsourcing?  You’re going to love it!  Here are five ways to keep the relationship running smoothly.

  1. Implement smart procedures

We work by the hour, and we’re not looking to waste your time.  Implementing procedures that eliminate us having to wonder or ask about transactions is a great way to maintain efficiency.  For example, if deposits need to be split into different classifications, label the deposit slip as such.

  1. Do your homework

No one knows your business as well as you, so it’s inevitable we will have questions or need documentation at some point.  If you are responsive in a timely manner, we can keep the work current.  If you are slow to respond to our inquiries, your financial reporting may suffer.

  1. Make appointments

We live by schedules – meeting schedules, work schedules, tax schedules….  This is not because we are too busy, but rather because the nature of our business is servicing a group of clients that are all on rotating… you guessed it… schedules!

If you’d like to review financial specifics, it’s best if we schedule a meeting (or call) in advance.  This gives us the opportunity to prepare data and to block out time on our calendar to focus solely on you.

  1. Embrace email

Ever felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day?  As a business owner and mom of a preschooler, I can relate!  Sometimes, it may be hard to connect with a client on the phone throughout the day, but what business owner isn’t guilty of sending/receiving emails in the evening?

That’s one reason I’m a huge fan of email.  The other is for the documentation.  It’s much easier to look back on emails for prior communications than to remember what was said, or review hand-written notes

  1. Be reasonable with timing requests

This one is more subjective because what defines reasonable?  It really just means being up-front about your deadlines and expectations, and also being mindful of the time of year.   January is a huge log jam of clients, whereas November & December are pretty casual…  Basically, just don’t come to our office (or any good bookkeeper) mid-January expecting an entire year of bookkeeping turned around in three days, and you’ll be good.