How does independent bookkeeping work?

In a nutshell, it works however you want it to! We work together to determine the best schedule for your business, and Nerds will log in and update your books, most times with little to no effort required by you (once we learn your business, of course). We can handle whatever tasks you’d like – our objective is to ease the pain points in your bookkeeping process.


Where are you located/What is your service area?
We are located on Rte 7 in New Milford, CT, with office hours by appointment. Our service area is anywhere in the world! Most clients are local to our office, but we have clients as far away as Hong Kong and South Africa. That’s the beauty of our industry – it’s pretty universal and can be performed from anywhere. And now that we’re all experts in video conferencing, it’s easier than ever to meet a Nerd virtually.

What industries do you service?
We work with all types of small businesses – product-based businesses, service providers, and independent professionals – operating in a variety of industries. Everyone needs bookkeeping!

Do you prepare tax returns?
We prepare sales and payroll returns (including 1099), but not income tax returns. We can, however, recommend a great CPA.

What software do you use?
Nerds use QuickBooks, and of course what accounting professional doesn’t love Excel? But we can adapt to any system that you currently use.

I already have a CPA, why do I need a bookkeeper?
Your CPA is a specialist in areas such as income tax, but s/he usually does not get involved in the day to day transactions. That’s where a bookkeeper comes in. We will handle your books throughout the year, making tax time easier for your CPA, and thereby likely less expensive for you.

I still want to handle my own books. What else can a bookkeeper do for me?
Even if you are handling the daily transactions, perhaps you’d like an expert to perform a quarterly check-up just to make sure the books are in order so there are no surprises at the end of the year. We can provide financial analysis, budgeting assistance, and pretty much any type of number crunching – this is Number Nerd, after all!

How do you access my books?
Clients using QB Online connect with us through our QB Accountant version.  QB Desktop clients have a few options, depending on their needs:  QBox software allows us to connect/sync data in real time.  Or you could submit periodic QB backup files for us to work on.  If you have a remote server, we also could access that.  We work together to find the best solution.